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I'm a bad friend.

I feel like a terrible friend since I wasn't able to call you to get together this weekend. Unfortunately, I have been lucky to get 6 hours of sleep the past three nights; I've been trying to buckle down and get stuff done for the end of the quarter (2 weeks away).

I hope you have found things to keep you occupied (like making beautiful music on the guitar or the guitar hero).

All my job offers fell through, so I'm still looking for a co-op position. I will probably be sending out more portfolios. I was going to take one of the offers in NYC, but they called me the day I was going to accept and said they had changed their minds and didn't need me -- this was probably for the best from what I have heard. But still, I wish I had a job so I could get my housing figured out.

I would totally call you right now, but I am hoping that you are in bed under many comfy covers because that is where I wish I was.

Miss you and love you!

P.S. Did you get the Colgate 360? I assume that you did since you "love" it. :D Because frankly what's not to love about the 360.


Feb. 27th, 2008 08:01 pm (UTC)
You are NOT a bad friend. You have a life and many things to do. I was fine. I decided to start learning German. (Don't ask why.) So I've been occupied with that and song-writing, and the next week is going to be INSANE for me because starting Friday I work every day. I guess they're making up my lost hours. Makes me sad, though, because who knows when I'll be able to see you again. :(


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