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The Squirrels are Ninjas

On my way to and from work I see many squirrels. And they have taken to performing ninja like moves in front of me. For example, they will jump from the ground to the side of a tree and hand there in attack stance. Its crazy.

I was so happy to talk to you last night. I'm sorry we don't do it more often. I'm at work and should be you know working, but I think its break time. So here is the house info:

2318 Victor Street, 45219

If you lived with us there would be a minimum of 4 people in the house. You would either have your own room or share one with me :D.

Rent total is $1200/month so $300/person. We pay the monthes of December, January and February but live in the house January, February and March.

While staying with us you would pay 3 electric bills at approximately $25 per person. Also, 3 cable bills at about $25 per person. And 1 water bill (I can only estimate that it should be around $20 or $30 per person).

You would have super cable with DVR and On Demand and wireless internet.

We share groceries, so at about $100/ a week thats $25 per person.

I hope this helps with your decision making. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Miss you and love you, Jess


Oct. 12th, 2007 10:42 am (UTC)
So I was searching around. There is also one on the West Side in Western Hills. We go there a lot if we need a pet store, or staples, or bowling. Its a pretty good area. I did some trip planners on the cincy metro's website sorta.com and the trip to the West Side is much faster and cheaper and no transfers. You could go to that website if you want to work out some routes.


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