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So I saw Stardust on Saturday (which you will love). Anyway before the movie during screenvision they referred to Good Charlotte as a post-punk pop grunge band. Oh yea that commonly heard of genre. Is that even legal? Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth a little bit.


You must call me the instant you finish the book. Sigh, so good. Love you!
Hey! Just wanted to let you know that Branden and Jim and I are not going to Harry Potter tomorrow mainly because we all have school overload. So I'm returning the tickets and we'll probably go see it this weekend. When are you off or is a day showing better? Anywho, let me know love.

Be amazed!

Check out these structures made entirely from books. Lets have a room in our hobbit hole made from books. :D

I know its disgusting how excited I am

We have HP tickets as of like 5 minutes ago and to celebrate I present:


hey hey hey

I know its been a couple days. Just wanted to update ya and say school has begun. I'm not dying yet from classes but i might be by the end of next weekend. How's work darlin? Good I hope. We're ordering HP tickets on Friday so let me know if we should get you one. I will talk to you soon!

How do these people find me?


conanxasp (9:21:49 PM): i realize that i do not know you, however, i need an outsider's opinion on something and u may be able to help
conanxasp (9:22:07 PM): if u were going to name a cat, something cool and different, what would u name it
jonasislove (9:22:24 PM): what sort of cat?
conanxasp (9:22:28 PM): a kitten
conanxasp (9:22:37 PM): that i will be reciving for my birthday
jonasislove (9:22:53 PM): hmm
jonasislove (9:23:23 PM): i need to think for a moment
conanxasp (9:23:54 PM): ok
jonasislove (9:24:32 PM): do u like human names for cats?
“conanxasp” signed off at 9:24:32 PM.
“conanxasp” signed on at 9:24:47 PM.
conanxasp (9:24:51 PM): srry
conanxasp (9:24:55 PM): aim does that to me
jonasislove (9:25:03 PM): did u get my last message?
jonasislove (9:25:25 PM): i asked if u like human names?
conanxasp (9:27:50 PM): uh, no
conanxasp (9:27:55 PM): and sure, why not?
jonasislove (9:28:10 PM): what about Tallow?
conanxasp (9:28:20 PM): hmmm
conanxasp (9:28:22 PM): that's sweet
conanxasp (9:28:26 PM): i shall remember that
conanxasp (9:28:42 PM): i was thinking possibly benvolio?\
jonasislove (9:28:59 PM): why does that name ring a bell
conanxasp (9:29:17 PM): hmm...ever read romeo and juliet?
jonasislove (9:29:21 PM): oh yea
jonasislove (9:29:31 PM): well why not mercutio
jonasislove (9:29:45 PM): i was thinking of julius earlier as well
conanxasp (9:30:15 PM): hmmm that's cool
conanxasp (9:30:34 PM): well...major freind drama, ttyl and thanks!!
jonasislove (9:30:42 PM): no prob

(and this isn't completely random. this person on a previous occasion thought i was someone he/she knew. thats why he/she had my sn. I'm inclined to think its a girl by the "drama")

So miss!

Well you just better be getting that cellphone out so i can hear it.

P.S. You know how i felt boring on Sunday, well i think it was because a sickness was coming on. I had a little headache that became pounding and when I went to the movies I threw up in aisle. Then I threw up 5 more times when I got home. Then I felt completely better. My mom thinks it was a migraine. It was probably one of the worst things to happen to me in a long time.
So I just talked to you my day love, but I thought I would post some random ramblings.

1. I really want to tell you what the gift is that I made you because I'm very proud of myself. But for once I will hold my tongue and not ruin the surprise.

2. Reading blogs makes me think that I could write one and other people I don't know would want to read. Then I think that that is very vain of me and the outcome probably unlikely.

3. You should go to postcrossing.com, check it out and sign up. I am sending a postcard to a girl in Finland!

4. How did your music making go today? Did you work out those claps yet? I secretly think it would be wonderful if you put the line "just the claps" in the song, but I will leave that up to your artistic discretion. Strongbad might sue you though.

I miss you my love! Be good! Later days.